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The types of clothing always depend on the needs of the operation, its focus and whether it is men's or women's workwear. The base of the work closet, however, usually includes work trousers completed by a set of work shirts and, depending on the season, a light or winter work jacket.

Choose work clothes that meet your requirements and standards

Quality work clothing is an important element of work safety that protects employees from dirt, bad weather and, of course, prevents or minimizes injury. We have been operating in the field since 1994, so we will happily advise you with choosing the most suitable work clothes for your employees. Depending on the job description and the overall functioning of your operation, we will collectively choose those professions that need, for example, a work suit and those that can handle the classic work trousers.
Another welcomed benefit of working clothes is the pleasant and clean look that you can achieve through our workwear service. With the help of clothing, you can streamline the movement of individual professions or teams in your company and support your company culture with a uniform style of clothing. We will be happy to assist you with the addition of your company logo or coloured clothing elements.

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