Sales and rental of cleaning mats

Reduce floor maintenance costs by up to 30% by purchasing cleaning mats for shops, offices and production halls. We will take care of regular service of the mats.

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Benefits of cleaning zones and mats

They catch up to 90% of dirt from shoes

They catch up to 90% of dirt from shoes

Specifically, 90% of wet and 79% of dry dirt. This extends the life of the floor covering.

They are safe and adaptable

They are safe and adaptable

The mats have a wide rubber rim and a specially structured bottom side to perfectly adhere to any surface.

Available in any size

Available in any size

Standard sizes are 85x150 cm, 115x200 cm and 150x200 cm. We will gladly provide mats with other dimensions.

They have advertising potential

They have advertising potential

For the purpose of company or shop presentation, we can provide mats with your company logo or in the selected colour from 40 possible shades.

A clean floor is the one that is invisible

With cleaning mats, you can achieve this very easily because they can catch most of the dirt while simply walking on it without the need of physically cleaning your soles. Thanks to the mats the floor stays clean in all weather conditions. Their structure can absorb sand, dust, water or road salt.

Service, rental and sales of mats

At PEVI we offer a complex service for the acquisition, rental and service of cleaning mats of the highest quality. In Lanškroun we have a modern laundry room in which we clean your mats and take them back to you. Regular maintenance of mats will extend their lifespan, efficiency and appearance.

How to choose suitable cleaning mats?

If you want to buy cleaning mats for your business, do not choose from your desk. Contact us and we will meet directly at the installation site. This is the only way to find out everything you need and the specialist will be able to advise you. In particular, we recommend discussing four key issues.

Method of fixing the mat is related to the installation itself. It is important to find out if you have a mat bed in your entrance. Otherwise, its installation must be dealt with in a different way with regard to the smooth opening and closing of the door.

Connection to the primary cleaning zone located outside the entrance is important because of the amount of dirt trapped and the frequency of cleaning the entrance mat.

Dimensions of the mat are absolutely crucial for its proper functioning. While its width does not have to be from side to side, its length is essential. The more steps users make on the mat, the more dirt it traps. For maximum cleaning we recommend a mat with a length of two to three steps.

Customized look is the final touch that completes the first impression of entering a company or shop. Here at PEVI we offer mats in optional colour shades or with the possibility of displaying your company logo.

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