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Hearing Protection

Without a safety helmet, you will often not be allowed to enter a production area, hall or a specific workplace. In our product catalogue you will also find hats and related head protection accessories.

No head protection, no move

An object does not necessarily have to fall on your head to appreciate a solid safety helmet. Sometimes you just need to clumsily stand up and hit your head. Workers on construction sites, quarries or forests are familiar with flying pieces of stone or wood. Exactly for these situations, there are many types of safety helmets ranging from classic helmets or those for electricians to helmets for workers at heights.
A safety helmet is a universal shell equipped with a lining that allows you to tighten the helmet exactly according to the circumference of the head and makes it more comfortable to wear. Only when your work helmet does not fall off your head and holds on it firmly, it is well fitted. Keep in mind that when the helmet is damaged, you must replace it with a new helmet. A broken shell won't protect you as much as a brand-new helmet.

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